Blockchain Readiness.

When we combine the creative freedom of programmability and the guarantees of immutability with natively digital value, entirely new business models, processes and use cases will take root. Now, are you ready for them?


Global Asset Manager

Education and On-Boarding. Modeling and Testing Scenarios. Blockchain Impact Assessment. Target State Design and Development.

The Challenge.

The Asset Management industry has remained relatively unaffected by technological change that other industries have experienced. Stringent regulations present significant obstacles to new ideas and entrants, and further entrenches the legacy infrastructure rails on which financial transactions operate. Blockchain technology presents a novel approach for financial transaction infrastructure, which embraces properties that finance has traditionally eschewed: transparency, openness and decentralization. As the technology matures, and the arguments and benefits become apparent, its viability is being considered by influential actors at enterprise-, national- and supranational levels. Ultimately, all these developments point toward a single key question: will blockchain technology lead to a new paradigm in Asset Management?

FinTech is focused on disrupting the front end of the financial system – Blockchain is focused on disrupting the back end of the financial system.

Alexander Pack

Despite the popular hype, fundamental understanding of blockchain technology and the concrete benefits (transparency, efficiency, accessibility and interoperability) remain elusive. To gain clarity on the subject, a global Asset Manager and the i.AM Lab initiated the Blockchain Readiness project. Specifically, the goal of Blockchain Readiness was to understand blockchain’s impact on the Asset Manager’s operational value chain in the context of processes, systems and the organization itself. Further, the findings of this project shall serve as a reference, providing understanding and detailing the technology’s benefits and limitations.

What we did.

  • The project team researched and designed a near- and a long term scenario for the development and adoption of blockchain technology in the industry based on a probability tree model

  • Based on these scenarios the project team together with the asset manager has undertaken a detailed impact assessment and developed target states for the processes, systems, and the organizational units in scope

  • To deal with the expected impact and to achieve the established target states, specific action points and roadmaps have then been worked out by the project team to get the asset manager ready and prepared for the blockchain future ahead

How you can profit.

  • Get clarity on what a new blockchain-based paradigm for asset management will look like
  • Understand the impact blockchain technology will have on an asset manager’s value chain, especially how it will affect processes, systems and organizational structures, as well as the ecosystem as a whole
  • Have a target state developed upon which adequate responses can be proactively initiated and implemented

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