Making NFTs a Souvenir for Events.

This use case shows how organizers can use Proof of Attendance (POA) tokens to prove participation at a live event. But it goes beyond the purpose of collecting, they can also be thought of as loyalty programs or VIP tickets to exclusive perks.

2021 & 2022
NFT Concepts and Product Design. Smart Contract Consulting and Engineering. Web3 Integration. IPFS Decentralized Data Storage. NFT Art Design (OAF22, DA Z and Nachtaktiv).

The Challenge.

POA-NFTs are ERC-721 tokens that are used to give attendees a way to prove their record of life experiences. Think of this as the lanyard you take home from a conference or concert ticket, but recorded on the blockchain.

Since POA-NFTs can be claimed for free they might be a path to mass NFT-adoption. But for now, there are still a lot of crypto beginners. So we had to find a simple but effective solution to educate these newcomers, making it accessible and fun.

On site: A3F and DA Z

What we did.

Our clients were all united by the same desire, offering their participants a different and unique experience onsite and letting them go home with a memorable digital event souvenir. We first started by analyzing their business and marketing targets in order to decide on how to give the POA-NFT more value and purpose.

Rarities and utilities
To make the NFTs more attractive, we applied different kinds of rarities and utilities. Think of it as perks and benefits only members can unlock through their token ownership. From very simple concepts, like different artwork colors, organizers were able to create an air of excitement during the distribution. Real-world value as vouchers or VIP-Tickets for next years’ event editions further enhanced this effect.

OAF-NFT: Different rarities and utilities

We then took a close look at the guest flows in order to identify user touch points. This helped us to develop the right onboarding process and distribution concepts.

Distribution and onboarding

  • First we realised physical and digital step-by-step manuals to guide users through the set-up of a wallet and how to claim the POA-NFT.
  • We produced QR-code cards with a hidden seed-phrase, which were handed-out to the event attendees upon arrival or during live presentations.
  • In the case of Openair Frauenfeld, we even married the NFT with their physical merch product 🧦.  
  • We pre-funded every wallet to enable easy transfer of NFT.
  • Our team was on site to answer all kind of questions.

All in all we created for many their first crypto experience and onboarding in minutes.

Only visitors who bought festival socks onsite received the key-card with access to the NFT.

How you can benefit.

The NFT space is still in its early days, however we believe that Souvenirs-NFTs will gain in popularity as the world becomes more and more digital. As more brands and organizers experiment with these kinds of NFTs, the use cases will continue to expand. Are you going to be next? We can help you every step of the way, from idea to launch!

If you want to take your attendees on the web3 journey, get in touch!

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