Asset Management Client Portal.

We created a new digital experience and platform for investors and prospects of a leading global asset manager to strengthen interaction, foster the client relationship and eventually increase sales.


Credit Suisse Asset Management

Project Management. Business & IT Architecture Concept. UX & UI Design. Platform Development. Marketing Strategy.

The Challenge.

The goal of our client - a global asset manager - was to redesign and rebuild the user experience for his customers and prospects across the entire user journey, including all touch points.

On the one hand, the asset managers' institutional clients were faced with a poor user experience as there were no functionalities to get real-time information, reports and analytics of their portfolios. In addition,  the existing systems and processes caused significant manual efforts for the asset manager, which were associated with major operational risks.

On the other hand, retail fund investors - an increasingly important client segment for asset managers in a growing and technology enabled D2C environment - were not in focus at all. The lack of targeted touch points and interaction possibilities led to limited insights into the needs and preferences of that client group.  

Shedding light on the asset managers marketing efforts was therefore equally important. The project team noticed that their campaigns were mostly focused on institutional investors, with an emphasis on numbers, data and facts. In addition to that, the asset manager's digital touch points were very static with many media breaks and low turn-over rates. Campaign success could neither be measured nor controlled.

What we did.

  • We evaluated, designed, and implemented a new digital experience platform for prospects and clients
  • The project team developed a new architecture and operating model to facilitate an automated mandate and fund reporting process
  • We evaluated, designed, and implemented a new digital experience platform for prospects and clients
  • Following we created new website and editorial content with more focus on visitor needs and user experience
  • Our specialists coded a state-of-the-art fund search with online, real-time fund reporting
  • We built a client portal with real-time access to sophisticated analytics, interaction features with portfolio managers and customizable views
  • And last but not least we designed a marketing strategy and launched first emotional campaigns covering end-to-end investor journeys

How you can benefit.

We know what investors - whether institutional or retail - expect from asset managers and will help you to meet these expectations with leading edge digital products. We are experts in digital transformation and design for asset managers and your first address in Europe for these endeavours. We can show you how to unlock the potential of new touch points and sales channels and significantly improve the experience for your clients.

Let’s talk about what’s in it for you.

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