A New Brand Identity for a Crypto Startup.

Read here how we developed a new brand identity that helped our customer to personalize their company and to make their offering and endeavours more understandable.

Market Research & Competitive Analysis. Branding Strategy, Positioning and Message. Brand Identity Design. Website Design and Development. Content Creation.

The Challenge.

Our client, specialized in DeFi and Web3, reached out to us because they needed a branding and a webpage for their new company and product to attract investors and prospects. A startup's branding is one of its most important assets. Blockchain enabled startups have an additional challenge, as they not only promote themselves, but usually also educate their prospects on a complex, new technology.

What we did.

We started this creative journey by peeling back the layers and working our way down to the core, to the essence of what makes our client’s brand different. These workshop sessions were essential to learn as much as possible about their goals, audience and market position.

Based on these insights we moved into the creation process and developed ideas and proposals for

  • a company name
  • claims and content
  • moodboards, creative brief / direction
  • logo and typography
  • and visual designs

Involving and engaging our client at every stage of the process was very valuable and led to meaningful decisions.
Based on these we fleshed out the final details and realised the following digital products for them:

  • Website (one pager)
  • Master presentation
  • Pitch Deck
  • Styleguide

The Logo
The idea of the company name and the logo was to have a clear, focused message about the essence of their product: Yield and Web3.
By replacing the “e” in the Yield by a reversed number 3, we wanted to create a bridge between these two ideas and make it uniquely memorable.
The animated version of the logo that is used on the website and live presentations expresses  the “dynamicism” happening in the web3 space.

The Fonts
We chose the Circular Font from the amazing Swiss designer Laurenz Brunner. It fits in well with the overall design and reflects the key values of the brand: simplicity and clarity, but rich in character.

The Colors
Cryptocurrencies and web3 brandings often use dark themes with flashy gradient colors. These “spacey” visuals represent the future technologies and we couldn’t ignore that trend. However, we decided to go with a bright theme to get a fresher look and just used the dark backgrounds selectively.

The blue color relates to trust and honesty and represents the Finance industry, while neon green stands for the new modern of the crypto world.

How you can benefit
Whether you are a crypto startup or a financial institution that wants to tap into this new decentralized ecosystem, we can help you to find your story. From brand narrative to strategic positioning and visual identity. From fonts and aesthetics to backend development of digital products, including UX and web3 integration. We’re your web3 innovation partner.

Ready, Set, (Re)brand. Get in touch!

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