Tokenization of our Equity.

We are taking you on our journey of the tokenization of our own shares and will show you why we did it and what it can do for you.

Education and On-boarding. Security and Safety Advising. Smart Contract and Engineering.

The Challenge.

We are passionate about technology and business. It’s in our DNA to be a first-mover and on the cutting edge of everything we do. For quite some time, it has been our conviction that the tokenization of assets will play an important part in our society and economy. Instead of just talking about this technology, we decided to gain first-hand experience by tokenizing our own equity. But first of all, what does tokenization actually mean and how does the technology work?

The tokenization of assets is the process of creating a representation of a real-world asset on a blockchain as a digital token. Because the token can be unambiguously owned by an address, the actual asset can thus be legally owned in an increasing number of jurisdictions. Tokens then become the ownership right of the underlying asset and enjoy all legal protections of traditional assets and all the benefits of digital utility. Tokens are a securitization for the modern age. We are only just beginning to understand the value that can be unlocked through the peer-to-peer transferability, composability with permissionless infrastructure and self-sovereign custody that lie at the heart of blockchain tokens.
Thus, we did this exercise so that we could experience how the tokenization process works: from the current legal landscape, the choice of token standard, the technical implementation to the final deployment of the live token. Let us tell you more about our approach.

What we did.

The first step was to convert our equity shares into tokens. This means that each share of our company is represented by a transferable security token on the Ethereum public blockchain that can be held or transferred by the tokenholder. The Ethereum blockchain and the smart contract defining our token is fundamentally the maintainer and shareholder registry for the Lab’s shares.
Our solution complies technically with the most popular token wallets, decentralized apps and blockchain infrastructure, while also complying with legal standards set forth by the Capital Markets and Technology Association (CMTA). This is Switzerland’s leading association promoting the issuing, distributing and trading of securities in the form of tokens using distributed ledger technology.

How to become an iAM Lab Tokenholder

Individual private tokenholders have made iAM tokens available for trade on a Uniswap V2 market, created especially for the trading pair iAM/XCHF. However, iAM tokens can be acquired via any token where a Uniswap market exists. You will need a crypto wallet like Metamask or one of many available dapp-wallets that can interact with Uniswap. Become an iAM Token holder here.

How you can benefit.

We see five key advantages that the tokenization of shares provides for both investors and companies:

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