The World's First Color NFT.

A pioneering meta-NFT project. Programmable building blocks for on-chain, generative art. The idea is simple, but powerful and ingenious.

Smart Contract Consulting and Engineering. UX & UI Design. Frontend Development

The Challenge.

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are a special kind of blockchain token, where each token is unique and separately identifiable, while keeping similar properties of fungible tokens, like transferability. In case you haven’t heard the term “token” yet, we’ve got you covered. In the Blockchain ecosystem, any asset that is digitally transferable between two people is called a token.

We see that everything is becoming digital or being digitized. It makes things more accessible and usable with our ever-improving and ever-present tools and hardware. We have also seen that NFTs have hit a nerve and are beginning to be seen as a solution for real-world problems, beyond representing the ownership of digital art, for things like financial positions, certificates, licenses, ticketing, proof of authenticity and many more exciting use cases.

What we did.

So, just as with the tokenization of our own equity, we decided to get to know this technology and deeply understand NFTs by creating one. The Lab played a pivotal role in the ideation, technical implementation, design and audit of a series of colorful, creative, on-chain NFTs which were the first of their kind! These color NFTs are actually “meta-NFTs”, meant to be elements for other generative, visual NFTs to freely use by any artist seeking exclusivity and scarcity across the color spectrum. Everything about this project is radically decentralized; even the website is serverless and hosted across the globe on IPFS. Get your first NFT here.

Following, a separate NFT-project, NFWe was built using these meta-NFT building blocks. This project was inspired by the world’s shortest poem and does some clever mathematical magic with digital colors.

How you can benefit.

NFTs can help promote, protect and tap into a whole new world of utility for your brand:

  • Create “digital twins” for your products
  • Create a provable record of your product’s sourcing
  • Inspire and cultivate a global community around your product
  • Turn your customers into ambassadors
  • Provide proof of authenticity and proof of ownership
  • Digitally gamify your product / integration into the Metaverse
  • New ways to manage guarantees and warranties
  • Develop creative new marketing strategies
  • Leverage exciting new NFT sales platforms and markets
  • Increase awareness and global reach

Let’s talk about what’s in it for you.

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