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A collection of all our projects.
Customer Loyalty Program
Imagine you have a customer loyalty card that you use to collect points to win products.
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Open Air Frauenfeld
NFTs as a Souvenir
Onboarding of 50 K Gen Z in one weekend at the biggest Hip Hop Festival of Europe. Branded Open Air Frauenfeld socks were used to redeem an NFT.
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World’s first color NFT
The world’s first color NFT which can be used as a meta-NFT for generative Art. 100% on-chain.
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Brand Identity for Crypto Startup
Defining our client's brand with a clear message and corporate design to stand out in the crypto space.
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Multiple large swiss asset managers
Blockchain Readiness
Are you "blockchain ready"? Do you grasp basic & advanced blockchain principles and applications?
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Credit Suisse
Lead Management
We created a new target operating model by improving the current lead management process and creating transparency along the lead management value chain for all involved stakeholders.
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Equity Tokenization
By Tokenizing the Boss Info shares, we replaced the traditional share register, created an internal marketplace and enabled instant changes in ownership, in real time.
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i.AM Lab
Tokenization of our Equity
We tokenized our company shares to achieve easy transferability, accessibility, and liquidity.
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Scrypt digital AG
Web3 Marketing Website
We modernized the corporate design and website of a Web3 startup, showcasing their evolution with a visually dynamic design and animated feature that captures the dynamic nature of their space.
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Credit Suisse Asset Management
Real Time Client Portal
Creation of a good looking, easy to use and easily understandable client portal for one of the largest Swiss banks. Customers were able to quickly recognize where they can find what they’re looking for.
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Thor Wallet
Utility NFT
See how we supercharged THORWallet with an NFT that provides special premium features to early community members.
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We create digital products based on blockchain technology. From Strategy, to Design, to Delivery.
We are your partner in your endeavour to create new strategies, experiences and products, whether they are in our traditional web2 world or in the groundbreaking world of web3.
Whether you need a strategy, design work or product delivery, we bring your project to life. Let’s meet!