We are a team of multi-skilled enthusiasts, ready to challenge the status quo.
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Pascal Nägeli
Our digital transformation machine, who turns your endeavours into a success. As Partner & Co-Founder he steers our ship through day to day operations whilst never losing sight of our course.
Renato Schneeberger
Head Design & UX
Expert for the tip but also the iceberg. Creator of amazing digital touchpoints and full end- to- end experiences.
Andreas Timpert
Our transformation aficionado who takes your strategic intent and shapes it into a (first-time-right) program. As partner he brings together technology innovations with the needs of the investment community.
John Orthwein
Head Engineering & Tech
Our crypto OG and technology provocateur. He’s also a founding member of the Multichain Asset Managers Association (MAMA) and involved with NFTs since before a standard even existed.
Andri Schatz
Web3 Engineer
Our tech multitalent who can probably hack into the Matrix if you ask nicely. Andri is basically a tech superhero who doesn’t need a cape. Just don’t ask to fix your printer. That’s where Andri draws the line. Unless it is a 3d printer.
Arvid Berg
Web3 Engineer
Our Gen Z crypto enthusiast has a natural gift for numbers and programming. Amongst our web3 engineers he’s learning from the best and solves any kind of smart contracts challenges.
Laura Hayek
Lead Marketing & Business Management
Our bridge builder and communications specialist. She shows strong “roll up your sleeves skills” paired with a perpetual enthusiasm for discovering new shores.
Luca Grossmann
Lead Project Delivery
He connects the dots to bring the latest tech to our clients. With his deep understanding of all things in crypto and background in business engineering, he knows the recipe to the savviest solutions.
Sandhya Nikam
Software Engineer
She’s our coding star that makes the impossible, possible. With her critical thinking, she loves to challenge herself to solve complex problems.
Svenja Künzler
UX / UI Designer
Our UX-talent with a background in fine arts. This makes her a slightly weird and awesome creative force.
Claudio Schneider
Board Member, Co-Founder
Our financial guru with a strong entrepreneurial mindset on our board.
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