First i.AM Innovation Lab Learning Lunch

14. Jan 2020

We hosted our first i.AM Innovation Lab Learning Lunch on ‘Next Generation Finance on the Blockchain’

Our Head Blockchain & Decentralized Finance John Orthwein spoke about fiat- and crypto-backed stable coins, earned interest in a lending pool, and streamed money while the audience asked very interesting questions and engaged in vivid discussions while having pizza – a wonderful combination.

Next Learning Lunches

The i.Am Innovation Lab was invited to the BankersCom 2019, where we presented how we approach innovation.

25. Sept 2019


Thank you sminds AG for having us at this years BankersCom an Reto Lipp for his great moderation.

There is no easy way to innovate. It’s tough and a lot of work. It entails risks and often exposes you to rejection. What helps: start now, keep it simple and small, building your product or solution out over time. Step by step, application by application. As we see it with the many successful start-ups and challenger banks out there today.

The i.AM Innovation Lab took part in the Frontconf 2019 where industry leaders shared their insights about their daily work.

Key takeaways

The i.AM Innovation Lab engaged in deep discussions with millennials about their personal finances and their expectations on the future of financial services. A generation that holds the battle between responsibility and convenience at its very core. Find out why comfortably securing consumption is key and why impact matters more than return.

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