About the Lab.

How did we get here and why start the Lab?

Our founders spent years guiding teams and projects at leading financial institutions in Zurich and London. Claudio is battle-tested in capital markets and entrepreneurship, while Pascal has next-level skillz in developing and implementing digital strategies. After years in large corporates, they took the entrepreneurial leap to found the Lab, fascinated by the speed and agility of startups and their ability to execute, solve problems, fail fast and learn.

And here we are. A team of multi-skilled enthusiasts, ready to challenge the status quo. We created a unique, experimental playground for our clients and ourselves, to build and test ideas in an uncomplicated, high-speed environment. Building real solutions based on future technology. On this page, you will also find each of our digital alter-egos, the Meebits - 3D voxel-based digital avatars that are also NFTs - ready for the Metaverse and the digital financial and social interactions waiting for us there!

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