The Accelerator of Digital Innovation

Our team is driven by the vision that the asset management industry is in the beginning stages of fundamental transformations. Our Lab is at the forefront, and new ecosystems, business models, and products will emerge.

We are in the process of putting together a team of Designers, Developers, Business Specialists, and Strategists. We know that innovation cannot be created in silos, rather, it is a result of interdisciplinary collaboration.

What is true for innovative teams also applies for the industry as a whole; it is the intention of our co-founder Credit Suisse Asset Management that our hub is accessible for various industry participants.

Like many industries in the current economic environment, asset management is also confronted with a constant storm of disruptive technologies. It is a challenge, no matter how you look at it, but it also presents an incredible opportunity. Particular opportunities can be better addressed through joint industry efforts rather than individual initiatives.

Discover more about our work which centers around the fields of human and machine interaction, digital assets, data science and machine learning in what we do.

Our Lab is at the heart of the innovation network. We collaborate closely with Switzerland’s leading universities, sponsoring professorships and engaging in activities that shape the practical advances of asset management technologies.


Our ecosystem