Open Innovation for Investment & Asset Management

We address the real needs of the investment sector with the latest technology, academic research, and start-up development methodology. Our Lab provides both physical and digital platforms to generate, foster, and test ideas in cooperation with not only start-ups, but also tech and investment firms in a speedy and accessible manner. We deliver the capabilities to transform ideas into projects, products, and solutions for our customers.

Fields of Engagement

Our engagements are based on the following theses regarding the evolution that is taking place in our industry:


1. Newly emerging customer groups, combined with new technologies, will fundamentally change the way financial products are sourced.

Millennials will be the largest adult segment by the end of the decade, which is when they will be on the brink of their best years. Additionally, they will benefit from an extensive transfer of wealth by their baby boomer parents. Estimates from the USA anticipate that in the next 30 years, 30 trillion US dollars will be passed on between these generations.
Source: IFZ/AMP Asset Management Study 2018


2. Digital assets will continue to evolve and potentially be disruptive.

Digital assets are no longer solely finance topics – they are a topic for any industry. Digitalisation (or tokenisation) of assets provides a wide range of benefits which cannot be ignored, including greater liquidity to asset owners, 24/7 markets, lower transactions costs, fractional ownership, automated and quicker settlement, improved compliance checks, and a broader slate of possibilities with smart security contracts.


3. Data science and artificial intelligence technologies will evolve rapidly, and their development and application will become a key success factor for companies.

Every year, the amount of data that can be statistically evaluated for investment decisions doubles. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already being used successfully in other industries such as consumer goods. Nowadays, it is possible to use these technologies cost-effectively in investment management to construct more robust investment strategies from available data. The cutting edge AI technology today is deep learning and big data. This enables automated learning to a degree never before seen in history. Modern AI systems can already predict market trends better than humans because they are more impartial.
Source: SIMAG


Triple A of Innovation