Your agile workbench & research lab

With our Speedboat Services we offer the facility to build and test ideas in an uncomplicated, high-speed environment. With real solutions on real clients, but without real risk. And finally, we also provide support during the implementation of the solution. Be it in your company or in a separate environment.

Our Navigator Services are designed to guide asset managers in identifying relevant client, product, and technology topics. Finally, we provide support during the implementation of the solution – be it in your company or in a separate venture.


  • i.AM Speedboat

  • Startup-as-a-Service for your ideas assessing potential customers, viability, visualization, and the costs behind it accounting for operational, regulatory, and technical dependencies.

  • i.AM Navigation

  • Extensive research on relevant technological & societal trends for asset managers and guidance how to integrate solutions developed by relevant startups in your value chain considering advantages, disadvantages as well as the legal and regulatory framework. However, we also effectively advise you on necessary measures in case new players rise up to become your competitors.

  • i.AM Navigator

    Report lining out:

    5 major trends in which direction people and tech are moving

    3 products and / or business models currently relevant for the asset & investment managers

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  • i.AM Deep Dives

    Workshop with i.AM experts on selected i.AM Navigator Report topics or other innovation and digitalization challenges that are currently affecting you.

    → Presentation and discussion of the 5 most promising startups in terms of technology used, product offered or business model applied


  • Why work with the i.AM Innovation Lab

  • The i.AM Innovation Lab and its customers jointly work and decide in teams of typically 5-7 people on the exact outcomes for each stage while constantly testing our product, our tech, and the business model in weekly iterations. This way we can ensure full transparency, cost control, and maximum risk mitigation.

  • As an i.AM Innovation Lab customer

  • → You can use our central facilities in 5’ walking distance from Zurich main station

    → You are an integral part of every developed solution

    → You acquire new knowledge and skills for you and your team

    → You have fun in developing cutting edge industry solutions