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Swiss company makes shares tradable on the public blockchain in pioneering move

PRESS RELEASE – Zurich, 04.11.2020 – for immediate release

The Zurich start-up i.AM Innovation Lab was one of the first companies registered in Switzerland to tokenize its shares on the public Ethereum blockchain. The start-up used the solution from the Geneva-based blockchain company Mt Pelerin and the Swiss industry association Capital Market & Technology Association (CMTA).


Claudio Schneider, partner and co-founder of the i.AM Innovation Lab: “As an innovation and test platform for the investment sector, it is our job to test and evaluate new technologies and business models at an early stage. With this in mind, we have now tokenized our own shares on the public Ethereum blockchain. ”

Left: Claudio Schneider | Right: Pascal Nägeli

One of the first Swiss companies on the public blockchain
The i.AM Innovation Lab is one of the first Swiss companies to implement share tokenization on the public Ethereum blockchain. “As a small and independent company, we can experiment and act quickly,” says Pascal Nägeli, also co-founder and partner of the lab, and goes on to say: “Our learnings, which concern both legal and technological aspects, will add value for the investment community as well as regulatory and legal institutions.” The latter is working on a blockchain / DLT amendment to the current law, and legislative confirmation is expected in the first half of 2021.
Shares tradable around the clock against the stablecoin from Bitcoin Suisse
The shares of the Zurich start-up company can now be traded globally and around the clock on so-called “Decentralized Exchanges” against the CryptoFranc (XCHF) from Bitcoin Suisse. Bid and ask prices on these decentralized exchanges, e.g. Uniswap, are coordinated and determined by programs, so-called “Automated Market Maker Contracts”, a form of Smart Contract.
Tokenization on the public blockchain has many advantages
“In addition to the improved tradability and transferability of shares, tokenization brings other advantages such as the automation of the management of the share register, the programmability and automation of corporate action and compliance processes, as well as the support of digital shareholder voting” says Pascal Nägeli. “Over the past few months we have immersed ourselves with the topic of tokenization on public blockchains, and have identified the possibilities and limitations of this approach,” continues Claudio Schneider.
Step taken out of conviction
The Zurich start-up is convinced that this new technology has a lot to offer to our financial system and society. “Especially now, properties like transparency, liquidity and the possibility of self-custody are appealing for investors,” continues Claudio Schneider.
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About i.AM Innovation Lab
The i.AM Innovation Lab is a Swiss company that supports the investment sector in the field of innovation and digitization. Founded in 2019, the company helps asset managers, banks and investment managers to enable, promote and implement innovation in their companies. In addition, the i.AM Innovation Lab offers the investment community a platform through which ideas, concepts and prototypes can be quickly built, tested and developed in a start-up environment – outside of the client’s organization. Thus, the development process can be simplified and accelerated, allowing the client to minimize a project’s financial- and organizational risk. www.iam-lab.ch
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