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Terms of Use
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Information and opinions presented in this Site have been obtained or derived from sources believed to be reliable, but i.AM Innovation Lab AG makes no representation as to their accuracy or completeness. i.AM Innovation Lab AG maintains the right to delete or modify information on this Site without prior notice. i.AM Innovation Lab AG may, to the extent permitted by applicable law and/or regulation, participate or invest in financing transactions with the issuer(s) of securities referred to in this Site, perform services for or solicit business from such issuers, and/or have a position or holding, or other material interest or effect transactions in such securities or options thereon or investments related thereto. i.AM Innovation Lab AG may, to the extent permitted by applicable law and/or regulation, act upon or use the information or opinions it presents on this Site. i.AM Innovation Lab AG may have issued other reports that are inconsistent with, and reach different conclusions from, the information presented in this Site. Those reports reflect the different assumptions, views and analytical methods of the professionals who prepared them and i.AM Innovation Lab AG is under no obligation to ensure that such reports are brought to your attention.

Risk Considerations
Past performance should not be taken as an indication or guarantee of future performance, and no representation or warranty, express or implied, is made regarding future performance. Investing entails risks, including possible loss of principal. The price of, value of and income from securities or financial instruments can fall as well as rise. Certain investments are subject to high volatility, and may experience sudden and large falls in their value. Losses may equal or exceed your original investment. Foreign currency-denominated securities and financial instruments are subject to fluctuations in exchange rates that may have a positive or adverse effect on the value, price or income of such securities or financial instruments. Some investments may not be readily realizable and it may be difficult to sell or realize those investments. Similarly it may prove difficult for you to obtain reliable information about the value, or risks, to which such an investment is exposed. There are also special risk considerations associated with international and global investing (especially emerging markets), small-company investing, single-industry funds or investment strategies, single-country or regional funds or investment strategies, or other special, aggressive or concentrated investment strategies, such as the use of leverage or derivatives. Investors in securities effectively assume these risks.

No Warranty; No Liability
The information on this site is provided on an “as is”, “as available” basis. i.AM Innovation Lab AG makes no warranty that access to the site will be uninterrruped or error-free, that defects will be corrected, or that viruses or other harmful components will not be transmitted in connection with your use of the site. i.AM Innovation Lab AG hereby expressly disclaims all warranties, express, statutory or implied, regarding the site and any results to be obtained from the use of the site and its contents, including but not limited to all warranties of merchantability, non-infringement, fitness for a particular purpose, or use and all warranties arising from course of performance, course of dealing and/or usage of trade or their equivalents under the applicable laws and/or regulations of any jurisdiction. i.AM Innovation Lab AG does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, suitability, completeness or availability of this site or the information or results obtained from use of it.

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Data Security
Please read our Security of data transfers from the Privacy Policy.
Links to Other Websites / Content of Other Providers Activating certain links on this Site may cause you to leave this Site. Such links, addresses or hyperlinks are provided solely for your convenience and information. i.AM Innovation Lab AG has not reviewed any of the websites linked with or connected to this Site, or which provide links to this Site, and does not accept any liability for their contents, the offered products or services or any other offers. Using links from this Site to any website not owned by i.AM Innovation Lab AG is at your own risk.

Internet Security

At i.AM Innovation Lab AG, client confidentiality is the cornerstone of our business. Accordingly, ensuring data security of our clients is a top priority. Please visit our Privacy & Cookies Policy for further information on personal data collected and used. While i.AM Innovation Lab AG employs various security practices and measures in order to protect the confidential information of its clients, as the end user, you play an important role in safeguarding against risks such as those related to virus attacks, unauthorized access and fraudulent online transactions. Below are best practices and guidelines to help you protect yourself and understand your role with respect to the Internet. This guidance is applicable to both retail and institutional clients.

Internet Fraud and Phishing
Phishing, the practice of using fraudulent e-mails and copies of legitimate websites to extract financial data and other personal information from unsuspecting computer users, continues to expand in sophistication and customers of financial institutions are increasingly targets of these scams.

Because phishing materials often look genuine and may appear to originate from real people, organizations, institutions, and websites, the following precautions are suggested:

E-mail Precautions:
Be cautious about clicking any links, opening any attachments, or downloading any files from e-mails regardless of file type or who sent them.
Never open a website using a link provided in a suspicious e-mail. Links and the e-mail sender address can be forged.
Avoid including sensitive personal information in e-mail messages. A better practice is to call a company directly.
Be wary of any request that asks you to perform an urgent action (e.g., “Security Check”, “Activation”, “Verification” or any request to wire funds or make other payments).

Online Banking and Financial Services Precautions:
Always type the official website address (URL) when logging into your financial institution.
When logging into the website, check for a letter ‘s’ immediately after the “http” prefix and for the closed lock icon at the right-hand bottom of the screen. This indicates that both the site and connection are encrypted.
Review financial services websites for their privacy policies and guidance on staying safe online.
Be wary of any request that asks you to disclose or verify information about yourself or your accounts, in particular, passwords or other information that a financial services provider may use to identify you (e.g. date of birth, mother’s maiden name).

Computer System Precautions:
Keep computer software (e.g., system patches, anti-virus, and anti-spyware) up to date with the latest security patches.
Contact the relevant institution immediately if you notice anything irregular with your bank account or other online accounts.
If your computer and/or Internet connection appear erratic or crash unusually during an online banking session, disconnect the session and contact your bank’s IT support desk for assistance.

Unsolicited Communications
E-mail fraud is a common way that thieves attempt to steal your information. Here are some examples of methods used:
Illegitimate offer e-mails advertise the sale of items at a reduced or even unrealistic price in order to obtain credit card or other financial information. Usually, the purchased products are not delivered.

Requests for assistance scams usually offer the recipient large sums of money in exchange for financial assistance. A common example involves requesting a user’s bank account information in order to facilitate a deposit into the user’s account. This information is then likely used for fraudulent purposes.

Phony sender e-mails purport to come from executives of an organization (e.g. John Doe, CEO). These e-mails often request personal or confidential information and may contain a “special” offer in order to solicit a response. When contacting your financial institution or sender to verify a request for information, use only a phone number that comes from a reliable source (e.g., the back of your bank card, the phonebook, or bank statements).
i.AM Innovation Lab AG will periodically contact clients through different channels such as email and phone, but will never request that the client provide their electronic banking credentials on an unsolicited basis.

Spam messages are targeted, mass-distributed, unsolicited e-mails. These e-mails may contain offers to buy items, attempt to solicit your business, or invite you to visit a website. Unfortunately, while these offers may appear legitimate, many people have lost money responding to offers that are often fraudulent.

Here are some tips to help you avoid spam scams:
Protect your information. Do not share any personal or financial information with unverified or questionable organizations or individuals.
Question the provider. Know who the business is and its contact information.
Time is on your side. Be wary of e-mails that implore you to “act immediately.”
Read the fine print. All contracts should be in writing and carefully reviewed prior to transmission of any payment.
Be wary of free offers. Never exchange payment or financial information on order to obtain a free item. Never buy anything advertised in an unsolicited message.
Be proactive in securing your data. It is advisable to periodically evaluate the risks that you face when conducting business online and take the appropriate steps to ensure that your business activities and data are safeguarded.