iAM Token

How we tokenized our shares on the blockchain and what we learned in the process.

We walked the talk. Technology and innovation are our business. It’s our job to be a first-mover and on the cutting edge. Instead of just talking about tokenization and its potential to change society, we decided to gain first-hand experience with this technology and mindset by tokenizing the company’s share equity.

Since i.AM Innovation Lab’s inception, it has been our conviction that tokenization of assets will play an important part in our society and economy. Earlier this year, we decided to take this idea from vision to reality. If we want the industry to capture this potential, maybe we should take the first steps.

And so we did. We decided to “walk the tokenization talk” and convert the equity shares of i.AM Innovation Lab AG into tokens. This means that each share of our company is represented by a transferrable token on the Ethereum public blockchain that can be held or transferred by the tokenholder. The Ethereum blockchain and the smart contract defining our token is fundamentally the maintainer and shareholder registry for the Lab’s shares.
We did this exercise so that we could experience first-hand how the tokenization process works, from the current legal landscape to the choice of token standard to the technical implementation and final deployment of the live token.

Through share tokenization on the public Ethereum blockchain you can:

Let’s talk about what’s in it for you
What you see here is the culmination of careful thought and research into the clearest legal situation, and the most flexible, open technical solution for a Swiss company. Our solution complies technically with the most popular token wallets, dapps and blockchain infrastructure, while also complying with legal standards set forth by the CMTA, Switzerland’s leading association promoting the issuing, distributing and trading of securities in the form of tokens using distributed ledger technology.

No really, what is this?

Private individual shareholders of i.AM Innovation Lab AG have placed their tokenized shares on the decentralized exchange Uniswap. Here you can trade an array of popular ERC20 cyrpto tokens, like ETH, DAI, USDC, XCHF or even wrapped Bitcoin, for the shares in our company.

This means you can own shares in a Swiss company by swapping crypto tokens for the iAM token here or any other peer-to-peer platform where they may be available.

You will need a crypto wallet like metamask or other dapp wallet that can interact with our website or Uniswap directly.

Become an owner of the i.AM Innovation Lab here