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Frontconference Zürich 2019

The i.AM Innovation Lab took part in the Frontconf 2019 where industry leaders shared their insights about their daily work.

The following videos contain three key takeaways of these two exciting days, which can readily be implemented in user research, product design, and leadership in the Asset Management industry.

1 – Only 5 users are needed for a meaningful user test. Ida Aalens even explained this mathematically.

2 – Social media connects the world, but humans need more than connection. Designers should be responsible for building systems that support prosocial behaviour.

3 – “What if you don’t send them and they stay?” is Andy Budd’s answer to the typical question arising when a staff member is sent to a conference, but soon after leaves the company.


Ida Aalen

Learn about how Ida Aalen trades cinnamon buns for users insights.


Chris Messina

The inventor of the Hashtag shares his thoughts on the enormous cultural transformation caused through technology.

(This video was taken of a similar talk at a TEDxBend)


Andy Budd

He never set out to be a design leader, but now find himself leading a team of thirty people, almost by accident.


Vitaly Friedman

As a goody for the end: Vitaly Friedmans precise user journey observations.


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